1973 HAYMAN 2020

Serial number 5728



Very cool vintage guitar from July 1973. This was Hayman's top-of-the-line model and it sounds and plays just great.




Original Patent Pending Grover tuners on a bound American Rock Maple neck. These Shergold-made necks are divine: the stuff of legend!




Pristine 2020s can go for $3-4000+, but this one is less than half that price because it shows witness marks to where some crazy mods were once done (now reversed). There's some filled holes on the top where the controls were moved(?) or added to, and a square hole in the pickguard between the pickups. I don't really notice it anymore... The knobs look like they are 70s Hi-Fi knobs, and the binding is a little discoloured in places. if you don't mind that, here's your chance to grab a bargain vintage thinline with amazing mojo!





Being sold privately by the owner of Black Guitars in Emerald, Vic., from my personal collection!