Photos of some of the beautiful and unusual guitars which I have owned, restored, or sold.


Guitars which are currently for sale will be listed on the FOR SALE page



Blackspot Solid Electrics

Three of the Twelve Guitars Handbuilt by Patrick Alexander c. 2006-2008


Blackspot SC

SC Cherry

Cherry Body and Neck

Web Malachite Inlays

Amber Nitro Lacquer



Blackspot SC

SC Cherry

Cherry Body and Neck,

Web Malachite Inlays

Lilac Nitro Lacquer



Blackspot T-100

T-100 Walnut Ebony

Ebony on solid Walnut Body,

Red Abalone Inlays

Clear Nitro Lacquer


Seriously High-Quality Craftsmanship; All models feature hand-cut Fully Captive Tenon Joint Set Necks

and Custom Handwound coil-tappable Bare Knuckles Pickups.


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