Guitar & Bass Repairs

Fast, Affordable, Reliable!

Turn-around time for most services is under 7 days





Electrical Service

Get those annoying crackles and hums fixed!

from $40+ (semi-acoustic add $40)

I test that the wiring, components, and screening are all hooked-up and functioning correctly, and can remake any faulty solder joints. I will also test and clean and/or lubricate mechanical switches and volume/tone controls with specialist electrical servicing solvents. Failed components can be replaced during the service for the cost of the parts (subject to customer approval).



Re-String & Light Service

Best Value for Students/Beginners!

Guitar/Bass $60 - 12-String $75

This service includes having the fingerboard cleaned and oiled, frets-polished, and the instrument fully re-stringed with a new, matched set of your choice of strings. I stock a wide range of d'Addario Guitar Strings at $15 per set, or you may supply your own. Before being returned to you, I will also tweak the truss-rod, ensure all hardware is tightened, and give the body a final polish.



Full Set-Up

Pro-Level Optimisation of your Instrument...

Electric Instrument $125 - True Acoustic Instrument $100

This package includes all features of the Re-String, Light Service & Electrical Services as listed above, plus additional bridge height and truss-rod optimisation for ease of playability, nut height optimisation, with the nut slots being re-profiled using gauged needle-files. The tuning pegs will be serviced and lubricated, and the fingerboard given a light fret-levelling/dressing/polishing. Finally, the bridge saddles will be adjusted for super-accurate intonation utilising a strobe tuner.

Why Does A Guitar Need To Be Set Up?



Fret-Levelling plus Full Set-Up

Are certain fret-positions buzzing or not sounding? Heavy play can slowly wear pits in your fret-tops...

Guitar/Bass $275

includes the Full Set-Up services as listed above, plus... Fretboard is closely inspected, and any loose 'sprung' frets are carefully re-seated. Fret-tops are levelled until all fret-wear has been removed, and no high frets or dead spots remain. Each fret is then individually re-crowned to a fine point to ensure clarity of tone and accurate intonation, before final hand-polishing to a silky smooth finish.

What Is A Fret Levelling?




Guild headstock break - beforeGuild headstock break - after


Structural Repairs

Acoustic Bridgeplate Reglue - $150

Headstock Break - from $150 (respray not included)

Crack or Split Repairs - from $60 each

New Nut or Saddle - Hand-fitted from pre-cut man-made blank $60 - Custom carved from natural Bone blank $120

Re-Fret - Rosewood $400 (Maple, bound, or set-neck add $100 each)

What does a Re-Fret involve?


classical guitar with lifting bridge plate being repaired



Hardware Upgrades & Custom Work

Bigsby Tremolo Installation - $60+

Custom Binding and Inlays - Call for a quote

Custom Pickguards/Scratchplates - $120+

Tuner/Machine Head Replacement - $60 (direct drop in)



Pickup Installation

Acoustic Piezo Undersaddle - $100+

Solid-body - 1 for $60 - 2 for $100 - 3 for $125

Archtop/Semi-Acoustic - 1 for $75 - 2 for $100

Pickguard Modification / Body Routing - $50+ per area



Please call Jon on 0490 189 765

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Clients include:

Art Brut - Bo Ningen - Lewis Boyes (Adalita/Jen Cloher) - Brand New Heavies - Deirdre Cartwright (BBC TV's Rockschool) - Cathedral - Chrome Hoof -  Bryan Colechin (Hugo Race & The True Spirit) - Cornershop - CRANBOURNE MUSIC - The Dandy Warhols - The Drones - The Duke Spirit - Terry Edwards (PJ Harvey, Spiritualized, Tindersticks, Robyn Hitchcock etc.) - Matthew Fagan - Th' Faith Healers - FOALS - FOUND SOUND - Dave Graney (The Moodists / Coral Snakes / MistLY etc) - Colin Greenwood - Guillemots - HTRK - Howling Bells - James Johnston (Gallon Drunk, PJ Harvey, Dot Allison, Faust, Nick Cave etc.) - Malcolm Joseph (Grace Jones, Roxy Music) - MACARI'S MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - Magic Numbers - Ben Mandelson (Magazine, 3 Mustaphas 3) - Laura Marling - The Masonics - Thee Milkshakes - My Bloody Valentine - The Naked And Famous - Noah And The Whale - PAKENHAM MUSIC - Pete & The Pirates - The Priscillas - Pseudo Echo - RAK Recording Studios - Vince Ray - ROSE-MORRIS GUITARS - The Rumblestrips - Silverfish - Bob Spencer (The Angels, Skyhooks) - Spirogyra - Stereolab - Owen Thomas (Graham Coxon, Cee Bee Beaumont) - Stu Thomas (Kim Salmon & The Surrealists / Dave Graney 'n' the Coral Snakes) - Kavus Torabi (Cardiacs, Gong) - Urban Voodoo Machine - Martha Wainwright - Matt Walker - Jeremy Warmsley - Wild Turkey - Steve Williams (John Farnham band) - Yuck - and many more!


Foals travis Bean Black

FOALS' Travis Bean with damaged fingerboard, before...

...and after restoration






Custom Work

Replica 1960 Burns Sonic Aluminium Bridge

Aluminium Bridge made for Bob Spencer's custom solid-body


Hand-Carved Height-Adjustable bridges made to order - from $150

See more Bridges I have made



Gibson Firebird

Custom-veneered celluloid pickguard for Anthony's Firebird


Custom Pickguards/Scratchplates - from $100

See more Pickguards I have made




Custom Binding and Inlays - Call for a quote

See an example of my inlay work




Fender Jaguar Switch Lock

Fender Jaguar Switch-Lock, designed for James Johnston (PJ Harvey, Lydia Lunch etc)

James Johnston with Lydia Lunch


See some of my other Custom Solutions



How To Find Me:

Call Jon on 0490 189 765

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Repairs to Other Stringed Instruments?

I also undertake repairs on Auto-Harps, Zithers, Double Basses, Violins, Violas, Cellos etc!

autoharp repairs & restorations

Autoharp Restored 2011


zither repairs & restorations

Zither Restored 2007


double bass brokendouble bass repaired

Double Bass Repaired 2008

double bass broken double bass repaireddouble bass repaired