Below are a few examples of the various Custom Solutions I have designed and made:

Fender Jaguar Switch-Lock

This Fender Jaguar was brought in by James Johnston (Gallon Drunk / Faust). James only ever uses these switches in one setting, but found that in a live setting he would often accidentally knock the switches... which on a Jaguar can easily result in muting the guitar mid-song...

I devised this simple, removable switch-lock to stop the problem, and can offer variations on this design to lock your switches in any desired position - You may find it useful for locking the 'rhythm' circuit switch on a Jaguar or Jazzmaster.

Non-Invasive Archtop Control Plates


For when you'd rather not cut a hole in a beautiful Vintage Archtop, but require a sturdy permanent Jack Socket/Control Plate!



Acoustic Guitar P-90 Mounting Rig

Here's an old Fender Acoustic Guitar, brought to me by The Rumblestrips to have a P-90 fitted with an integral Volume Control


Roundhole Custom p90 Pickup mount


Part of the brief was to avoid making any unneccesary holes in the guitar. I mounted the Pickup onto a clear plate, which itself is fitted to the guitar without requiring any structural alteration!


Roundhole Custom p90 Pickup mount


The Volume control and pot are housed in a hand-made metal box, providing excellent shielding and rigidity.The knob is mounted sideways so as not to protrude and interfere with playing technique, and is operated by a simple thumb roller-action.


Fender-branded Harmony flat-top

Quiet an interesting guitar, made by Harmony, but rebranded a 'Fender' by the Sales dept., I'm guessing this was in the late '60s, after Leo had left the building!