Photos of some of the beautiful and unusual guitars which I have owned, restored, or sold.


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1962 FENTON-WEILL Contrabass

1962 FENTON-WEILL Contrabass

From Fenton-Weill's AMERICAN LABEL RANGE, introduced November 1961

The Contrabass was the bass version of the revised Burns-Weill/Fenton-Weill Super Streamline.

Initially produced with a 3-a-side headstock, quickly changed to a 6-in-line configuration.

Discontinued by the end of 1962.


1962 FENTON-WEILL Contrabass

Note Heel-less Neck Joint, Contoured Body and 'Blown-in' Black finish on neck.

1962 FENTON-WEILL Contrabass

Large angular Red Pickguard hints towards the Twister model which replaced the Contrabass July 1962

1962 FENTON-WEILL Contrabass

Gold-Plated 'Weill, London'-stamped Van Gent tuners with pearl buttons


1961 Fenton-Weill advert

Melody Maker 11th Nov 1961


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